These two emojis will be my legacyHopefully just a part of it. Back in 2019 I worked on the Heroku Enterprise feature set with the best scrum team I’ve ever been part of. That team February 3, 2023

Buying a house is unnecessarily fucking hardThe intent for this blog post is most definitely to vent and get it out of my system. You’ve been warned. This year I’m buying a house and I’ve January 14, 2023

How I write case studies for my product design portfolioThe end of last week was a tough one at work. My company is laying off 10% of its employees, roughly 8000 people. Luckily I was not part of that 10% January 9, 2023

Would you rather be cool or happy?This morning I was walking to my studio when I decided to call my friend Javier. I, like many if not all millennials and thanks to the rise of sms, January 5, 2023

15 things I loved in 2022This french electronic playlist I used to practice my listening and speaking skills. A daily gratitude practice. In the mornings I journal all the January 2, 2023

Trying to quit TwitterI always make these big commitments to myself to write, end up writing a lot for a month, and then my annoying superpower kicks in and just forgets December 30, 2022

Small pleasures during a pandemicToday is my 20th day of quarantine in Madrid in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve only gone out four times since March 10. I live in a small March 28, 2020

On losing a parentI’ve been remembering my dad a lot lately. More than I normally do, which is not a lot. I have photos of him around my house. His paintings on my June 10, 2019

A love letter to my friendsMy friends are one of the most beautiful love stories of my life. One of the most raw, honest, caring, and present relationships I’ve had. This is a June 9, 2019

How to give a hugI absolutely love giving and receiving good hugs. I take them very seriously. They are pretty high on my list of ways of showing affection. My best June 2, 2019