May 27, 2019

Writing blindly

I have made the decision to not add comments, reactions nor any kind of analytics to this blog. I don’t want to measure my writings or collect heart icons. And this is one of the reasons why I didn’t want to use any of the common platforms. I’ve already been there, and yes, it is exciting to see actual proof of people coming to read you and figuring out what topics they like the most. But it’s also a sick trap. It’s pretty easy to get sad when something you poured yourself into didn’t succeed” in terms of numbers or in comparison to others. It’s also sad (at least to me) to measure your words with numbers. Instead of emotions, for example.

People that really want to reach out and comment will find a way. I’m incredibly grateful and elated to have received so much love, encouragement, and support from my communities after launching this blog yesterday. To all of you, thank you.

But this one comment in particular really moved me:

Omg I can relate so much to all of this. Been pushing the start of my blog for almost 2 years now and you make me want to start. Congrats on the launch!! I know how hard I is!! You rocks. 💪🎉🎊👏👏👏👏
Emile-Victor Portena (@emilevictorp) | Source

I don’t know him but I really hope he starts writing too. And if my first post already related and inspired someone to get pass his shame and start expressing himself more openly… wow. That’s everything I needed to believe that this whole thing is valuable in a more impactful and meaningful way than a like or a big number in a chart.

I will always be happy and grateful to receive your feedback and comments about my ramblings, so don’t take this the other way around. It’s mostly a way to keep me focused on what’s truly important to me, to not get lost on numbers or sad for a lack of external validation. The only goal right now is expressing myself, so why should I focus on anything else?