Trying to quit Twitter

I always make these big commitments to myself to write, end up writing a lot for a month, and then my annoying superpower kicks in and just forgets about it. It’s bad: it’s almost exactly the same game with exercising. And its good: I tend to forget very easily all the ways I’ve been wronged. All the bad stuff. Can bad memory be a superpower in the same way that ignorance is bliss?

2022 has meant the end of Twitter for many of us. If not technically, definitely morally and spiritually. It’s hard to leave a space you’ve inhabited for almost 15 years, that has given you so much. But everything dies eventually.

In 2023 I’ll try to replace my Twitter habit with reading the news in more reputable places, texting friends more often, writing here again, and maybe Reddit? What will you do?

Please remind me if I forget again.

December 30, 2022